About Human Services

What We Do: 
The Human Services Department primarily provides assistance to those that are poor and unable to support themselves in accordance with State law and the City's Human Services Guidelines. Financial assistance typically addresses temporary needs serving applicants found eligible under the Guidelines. In determining eligibility, applicants must demonstrate that the cost of their essential needs (housing, electricity, heat, food, prescriptions, etc.) exceeds the available household income and liquid assets. 

Assistance provided by Human Services is not restricted to financial help. Department staff work closely with clients in looking at current and future needs, identifying tools and resources to accommodate those needs, and coordinating with other agencies regarding services, funding, and programs available to assist clients in meeting the basic needs of the household. The goal is to provide clients with the information and opportunities necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. 

How We Can Help You: 
Call the office to discuss your needs or visit the office during walk-in hours. Together, we will assess your situation and identify your needs. Depending upon your circumstances, you may be provided with information and referrals to other agencies and programs that are able to assist. 

How to Apply: 
Complete an application for City assistance and gather all required documentation. Call the HS Office at 603-448-2944 to schedule an appointment.